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Three CTAs

Which sign-up form won?

Gamified "choose your own adventure" sign-up form

Standard sign-up form

Which spin to win form won?

Standard spin to win wheel

Branded spin to win wheel

With sticky "add to cart" button

Without sticky "add to cart" button

"Download Trial" CTA

Similar "Download Trial" CTA

2 out of 3 individuals

66% of individuals

Pop-up email capture form

Drawer-style email capture form

Fillable donation field

Preset donation buttons

Email typed in 14-point Calibri font

Email typed in 12-point Arial font

Logos prominently placed on the homepage

Logos placed much lower down on the homepage

Filter option at top, in blue

Filter option, on left-hand side

Newsletter template

Push notification template

WITH additional sign-up text

WITHOUT additional sign-up text

WITH $10 off

WITHOUT $10 off

With Euro sign

Without Euro sign

With top "Checkout Now" CTA

Without top "Checkout Now" CTA

With "Get It By" Notification

Without "Get It By" Notificaiton

Static Page

Interactive Page

"Options and Order" button

"View the options" button