It’s All About Your Image! Optimize It To Maximize Conversions

By Deborah O | March 20, 2019

Our brains process visual information 60 thousand times fast than textual information! Find out what you can do to optimize your images to maximize conversions.

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Setting Up Social Cards: Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide

By Deborah O | March 12, 2019

Your complete step-by-step video guide to creating social cards that convert, get noticed, and help improve engagment with your content.

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Cards That Look Good – And Convert

By Deborah O | March 8, 2019

Your complete, step-by-step guide to creating hight-converting social cards. Get the exact process to create beautiful social cards that convert.

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Your Complete Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

By Deborah O | February 20, 2019

CRO demystified. A complete, in-depth guide explaining what CRO is, how to apply it, and what to do to successfully optimize conversions.

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CRO Chime-In: Elite SEM/U.S. Polo Replay

By Deborah O | February 15, 2019

An informative Q+A session where you get exclusive behind the scenes information about the Elite SEM/U.S. Polo Featured Test.

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Can Words Alone Convince Your Customers To Convert?

By Deborah O | February 13, 2019

Do words alone psychologically motivates us to take action? Or something deeper? Find out in this article which digs into behavioral marketing and human psychology research.

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Everything You’ve Learned About A/B Testing Is Wrong!

By Deborah O | February 6, 2019

Learn about the drawbacks of the Frequentist statistics model, why its problematic, and what you can do to overcome these issues.

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All About Bayesian: A Look At A New Statistical Model For A/B Testing

By Deborah O | February 6, 2019

Learn about the benefits of the Bayesian statistics model, why its useful, and how it overcomes many issues associated with traditional A/B testing models.

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Unequal Allocation of Traffic in A/B Tests: Pros and Cons

By Deborah O | January 30, 2019

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of allocating unequal amounts of traffic in your A/B test variants.

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Your Definitive Guide To The Perfect Pricing Plan Formula

By Deborah O | January 9, 2019

The definitive formula for pricing your products and formatting your pricing table to optimize conversions. Rooted in consumer and marketing psychology.

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