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Do Sliders Sabotage Sales? The Answer Isn’t So Simple

In-depth A/B test case study analysis on the effectiveness of sliders, across a variety of industries, geographic locations, and time periods, from 2013 onwards.

A/A Testing – What You Need To Know

Basic overview of A/A testing, it’s advantages, disadvantages, and when it’s recommended you implement an A/A test.

Testing Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Use this self-assessment questionnaire to help focus and guide your internal testing success. The suggested best use is to use this template in combination with each week’s Featured Test

5 Phenomenal Ways To Increase Facebook Ad Conversions

Want to know how to create high-converting Facebook ads? Here are 5 phenomenal tangible tips you can immediately apply to improve your ad performance.

Can Words Alone Convince Your Customers To Convert?

Do words alone psychologically motivates us to take action? Or something deeper? Find out in this article which digs into behavioral marketing and human psychology research.