Your Complete Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

By Deborah O | February 20, 2019

CRO demystified. A complete, in-depth guide explaining what CRO is, how to apply it, and what to do to successfully optimize conversions.

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CRO Chime-In: Elite SEM/U.S. Polo Live Q+A

By Deborah O | February 15, 2019

An interactive interview where you get to ask testing questions and get behind the scenes information about the Elite SEM/U.S. Polo Featured Test.

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Can Words Alone Convince Your Customers To Convert?

By Deborah O | February 13, 2019

Do words alone psychologically motivates us to take action? Or something deeper? Find out in this article which digs into behavioral marketing and human psychology research.

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Everything You’ve Learned About A/B Testing Is Wrong!

By Deborah O | February 6, 2019

Learn about the drawbacks of the Frequentist statistics model, why its problematic, and what you can do to overcome these issues.

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All About Bayesian: A Look At A New Statistical Model For A/B Testing

By Deborah O | February 6, 2019

Learn about the benefits of the Bayesian statistics model, why its useful, and how it overcomes many issues associated with traditional A/B testing models.

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Unequal Allocation of Traffic in A/B Tests: Pros and Cons

By Deborah O | January 30, 2019

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of allocating unequal amounts of traffic in your A/B test variants.

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Your Definitive Guide To The Perfect Pricing Plan Formula

By Deborah O | January 9, 2019

The definitive formula for pricing your products and formatting your pricing table to optimize conversions. Rooted in consumer and marketing psychology.

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Top CRO Experts’ Predictions for 2019: Do They Match Yours?

By Deborah O | December 27, 2018

The top CRO experts weigh in on where they see the industry trends heading in 2019. Do their predictions match yours? Find out.

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How to set-up and and run an A/B Test on Convert

By Deborah O | December 20, 2018

In this interactive how to webinar, you’ll learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques for setting up successful A/B tests on the platform

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The Overlooked Role of Site Speed in Effective CRO

By Deborah O | December 19, 2018

Site speed is usually thought of as an important element to optimize for SEO. But, it’s just as crucial for CRO. Find out why in this informative article.

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