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Can Words Alone Convince Your Customers To Convert?

By: Deborah O’Malley| 2019

There’s plenty of research showing words, like “now” and “free” can strike a chord with customers, persuasively prompting them to act. But, is it the words themselves, or something deeper behind them that psychologically motivates us to take action?

To answer this question, GuessTheTest has dug into some pivotal behavioral marketing and human psychology research. What we’ve found is surprising!

Our research reveals that, while our brain processes words to derive meaning, it’s not necessarily individual words that motivate us into action. Rather, the tone of a message – either positive or negative – can dramatically impact our response and subsequent conversions. This is the idea behind a theoretical framework called message framing.

Message framing involves intentionally phrasing a message to persuasively emphasize the costs, or benefits, of adopting, or failing to adopt, a behavior. Research shows the way a message is framed can influence choices, preferences, attitudes, and behaviours.

Effective use of message framing can significantly affect your web viewers’ attitudes, intentions, and behaviors.

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