Experts’ Secrets Series: Form Registrations Secret #1


A Five-Part Series: What Works and Doesn’t With Registration Forms

By: Deborah O’Malley | July 18, 2018


In a conversation I had with Michael Aagaard, international keynote speaker and conversion optimizer, I learned the top five secrets to make your registration forms convert.

Today, I’m going to share the first secret with you so you can immediately apply it to improve your own digital marketing performance.


Secret #1: Break Down The “Wall”

Here is the first and most important thing you should be doing to make your registration forms convert well:

#1. Break down the “wall” by understanding your users

A lot of marketers assume that if they can get leads to their squeeze page, or push visitors far enough down the funnel, form conversions will just naturally happen.

But, that’s not usually the case.

Your visitors won’t usually just fill out your form because it’s right there in front of them.

They need motivation.

Visitors need to be told the benefits of filling out your form. And, they need to be motivated enough to receive the reward offered — once they’ve completed your registration form.

Whether that reward is getting free newsletter content, receiving a quote for a service they’re interested in, or obtaining a product at the end of an eCommerce purchase form, users need to be guided and nudged every step of the way.

As Michael Aagaard remarks, many marketers seem to see the registration form as a cash register. If users fill out the form, it’s a conversion win. And, chan-ching, you’re golden. “But, that’s not the way users see your forms. Most users see forms as a walls in front of them,” Aagaard remarks.

Users are certainly not cheering or excited to going through and complete your daunting-looking form.

So, your job as a marketer is to break down that wall.


You need to make that “wall” appear as easy and simple to get past as possible.

Ideally, you should give your users a ladder to get over the wall.

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