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Experts' Secrets Series: Form Registrations - Parts #4 & 5

A Five-Part Series: What Works and Doesn’t With Registration Forms

By: Deborah O’Malley | Updated February, 2021

You recently learned the top three secrets to ensure your forms convert well. You were told about the importance of:

  1. Breaking Down The Wall
  2. Following The Path
  3. Understanding The Interaction

Now, here's the final secrets to optimizing form conversions: managing expectations.

Managing Expectations

#4: Answer What’s Next?

When users come to a website and hit a sign-up form, most don’t know exactly what to expect.

They’re not sure if signing up will take a long time, or will involve divulging personal information, for example.

If you can clarify exactly what you expect from the user — and what you’re offering in return — you’re miles ahead.

One effective tactic can be to nudge your users to convert by preemptively answering the question, “what’s next?” within your form, so your visitors know exactly what to expect -- before they even begin to assess whether they should complete the form.

A great ways to address “what’s next” is to answer these questions within your form:

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