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Conversion Friction

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The level of difficulty, or number of obstacles a user most overcome in order to complete a transaction and convert.

In CRO, the ultimate goal is to reduce the friction points -- or the barriers blocking conversion -- to make the process and simple and seamless as possible.

When there is "high friction," there are a lot of obstacles in the way of conversion.

Sometimes, high friction can occur because a process or system is not optimized on the website.

Wording in Calls To Action (CTAs) can heavily influence perceived level of friction.

"High friction" word or CTAs, require strong commitment from the visitor. They include commanding phrases, like "Order Now," "Buy Now" or "Purchase".

In contrast, "low friction" CTAs gently nudge the visitor along, without requiring strong commitment. Low friction phrases generally start with engaging verbs that make the action seem easy and beneficial.

They include phrases like "Learn More," "Get Free," and "Find Out".

To increase conversions, friction level should be most appropriately matched with your visitors' level of conversion intent. And, also, with where the visitor is in your conversion funnel.

A low friction CTA is more likely to work early on in your funnel, like on your homepage. Where as a high friction CTA may be better served later in your conversion funnel, like on the "Add to Cart" page, where you visitors has already indicated conversion intent and is more ready to take the plunge and complete the transaction.

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