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Redirect test

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Also called a split URL test because you’re putting one test variant on one page, with its own URL, and testing it against another variant on a separate page, with its own URL.

While a redirect test is, in essence, an A/B test, the difference is that with an A/B test, version A and B sit on the same URL and traffic is directed to one variant or the other.

In contrast, in a redirect test, version A and B sit on different URLs.

A redirect test is typically used when you have an alternative page, or completely different design you’d like to test against the control

For example, you might have a single-page form and want to test that form against a multi-step form. 

To do so, you’d set-up a redirect test and send traffic either to the original form (version A, control), or the multi-step form, (version B, variant) to see which variant performs best. 

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