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Google Analytics 4 (GA4): The top three reasons to to start using it

By: Deborah O'Malley, M.Sc. & Mercer | Last updated April, 2021


In the first of this two-part series, marketing analytics expert, "Mercer" of MeaasurementMarketing addressed the top three mis-conceptions of GA4, plus how to overcome them.

In this follow-up jam-packed 23-minute video interview, Mercer outlines the top three reasons why you need to start playing around with GA4 -- now!

You'll learn:

  • Why GA4 is a more flexible platform for you as an optimizer -- and how you should use it to your advantage.
  • How to take advantage of GA4's newest features -- and what those features are.
  • How GA4 is built for modernized data modelling and why you should be focussing on trends rather than individual pieces of data in your models.

While there are already plenty of resources out there on GA4, this tutorial is specifically for A/B testers optimizers interested in better understanding GA4.

Listen and learn from one of the foremost analytics experts in the field.

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