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Next level A/B test planning & prioritization

By: Deborah O'Malley & Shawn David | Last updated March, 2023


Test planning and prioritizing requires more than just figuring out the best tests to run first.

To be done well, you need a system in which you can track, map, and show accountability for your testing roadmap.

In this information 14-minute interview, you'll hear from Shawn David, Operations Engineer, of Speero, a leading A/B testing consulting firm.

Shawn shares how Speero researches, test ideas, turns insights into actions, and runs experiments.

Check out the video to:

  • Get an inside glimpse into Speero's Experiments, Insights, Action planning and prioritization methodology.
  • Understand why "receipts," or keeping a track record of test ideas is crucial for managing client relationships.
  • See how this tool, built can be used to develop or enhance your own test planning and prioritization model.

Hope you’ve found this content useful and informative. Please share your thoughts and comments in the section below. 

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