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Swipe File: eCommerce Guest Checkout Button Examples

Is it best to provide a guest checkout option for your eCommerce website?

By: Deborah O'Malley, M.Sc | Last updated October, 2021

At checkout, is it better to make shoppers register for an account so you can capture important contact details, personalize the experience, and re-market to users?

Or, is it more valuable to skip the account creation requirement allowing users to more easily checkout as a guest?

It's a question every eCommerce retailer should consider. Because the potential optimization gains can be huge. We're talking +$300 million gains!

To help you make the most informed optimization decision, best for your site, here’s a 26-page swipe file that will answer your questions, provide direction, and suggest optimization opportunities.

This swipe file provides provides a collection of proven eCommerce checkout examples from some of the world’s top retail sites.

You can use it to see what other sites are doing, compare designs and formatting, and validate testing ideas.

To give you even more value, short notes are provided with a succinct analysis, giving you distilled, tangible takeaways and easy test ideas.

Bonus: unlock the swipe file now and get the formula for the optimal Guest checkout button. (Hint: there are 3 key elements you need to consider).

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