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Can You Guess Which Test Won?

Puzzling Paradox: Does a Personal or Practical Approach Convert Best?

Personal approach: you can save your form. . .
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Practical approach: the application process takes about 10 minutes
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Difference Between Versions:

Version A –  Loans page with micro copy under the Call To Action (CTA) taking a more personal approach. It stated, “You can save your form at any point if you wish to complete it later.”

Version B – Exact same page, but with sub-text instead taking a more practical approach. It stated, “The application process takes about 10 minutes.”

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

In-session conversions - applications completed without save and retrieval

Test Goal:

Increase completed applications

Traffic Source:

Direct and search traffic


UK-based audience, relatively even gender split, interested in banking loan


The co-operative bank: UK-based financial institution

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