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Can You Guess Which Test Won?

Should your email subject line be specific or benefit-based?

Specific, said: Top 4 NI low-cost DAQ devices under $500!
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Benefit-based, said: Upgrade today and get the latest technology for a low price
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Difference Between Versions:

Personalized email campaign. The email creative was the same across both versions. Only the subject line changed. The subject lines were:

Version ASpecific: "Top 4 NI low-cost DAQ devices under $500!"

Version BEmphasized benefit: "Upgrade today and get the latest technology for a low price"

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

Unique open rate, unique clickthrough rate (CTR)

Test Goal:

Increase email open and CTR

Traffic Source:



Previous customers who had made a similar product purchase during the past two years. And, customers who had displayed interest in, but not yet purchased the promoted products


NI: producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software

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