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Result: What's the optimal CTA number?
Three CTAs



Test Details & Background:

Sabon NYC is a luxury bath and body care products retailer.

Looking to increase online product sales, they turned to UXAlley, a New York-based user experience agency, focused on optimizing websites and conversions.

After conducting a data-driven analysis, UXAlley’s testing team isolated Sabon’s homepage hero image banner as an area of potential optimization.

Noticing that shoppers were drawn to many of Sabon’s pampering products, the team wondered if it would work best to feature several product Call To Action (CTA) buttons in the homepage banner – rather than just one primary CTA.

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Poll Results - The Best Guesses:

What’s the optimal CTA number?

  • Version A (61%, 154 Votes)
  • Version B (39%, 97 Votes)

Total Voters: 251


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2 years ago

Love it! Thank you, Deborah and UXAlley, for sharing this one.

I went for B as it showed segmentation within the same niche. It resembles the old-time classic issue of not having categories high enough vs fancy slider.

So far so good, but then I realized I have some work to do as well as a result of this!

Ryan R
Ryan R
2 years ago

I guessed A. I assumed the 3 categories shown were too limiting in their scope. First time I've ever been wrong.

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