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Result: What's the optimal notification bar timing?
Pop-up, timed to display upon exit



The pop-up timed to display upon exit was the big winner!

But, the test was much more complex. Read on to learn more. . .

Test Details & Background:

Guided under the direction of GuessTheTest's sister site, ConvertExperts, NextLeft, an award-winning digital marketing agency, conducted this terrific timing test for their client GMercyU, a private American university, which offers over 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

This study was part of an on-going series.

Initially, an A/B test was ran to determine the optimal placement of a notification bar. In that test, a bottom notification bar was pitted against a reduced text bottom notification bar, with only a Call To Action (CTA) button, as well as a bottom, right-sided hook, and an exit pop-up.

The exit pop-up was the strong winner. However, the exit pop-up triggered only to viewers leaving the site. In contrast, all the other notification bars immediately displayed to all visitors who landed on the page.

It was, therefore, determined worthwhile to run a notification bar timing test that isolated the variable of timing displayed, examining the impact of when the notification bar triggered.

The goal of this follow-up test was two-fold:
1) Validate and optimize on Phase I results
2) Determine if both placement and timing impacted conversions

To examine this question, three variants were created:

  • Version A - Exit pop-up: displayed in the center of the screen, only when the user motioned to leave/exit the page
  • Version B - Hook: slid up from the bottom, right side of the page; displayed immediately when the user landed on the page
  • Version C - Scroll depth hook: slid into the page from the bottom, right; displayed only when the user scrolled down 20% of the page, showing engagement in the page content

These versions were formatted for both desktop and mobile visitors. They looked like this:

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Poll Results - The Best Guesses:

What's the optimal notification bar timing?

  • A (57%, 269 Votes)
  • B (43%, 206 Votes)

Total Voters: 475


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Bryan Trilli
2 years ago

Did this test count the views just on the exit pop-up when calculating the conversion rate or the views on the landing page where the exit pop-up was being tested? The difference is often the exit pop-up will never get displayed so it's not accurate to just look at the views on the pop-up itself. Instead we would consider the total views on the landing page running the exit pop-up when testing against hooks that are always on the page. For instance, if the 4700 views on the exit pop-up variation are only for the pop-up itself at 6.31% conversion… Read more »

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