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Can You Guess Which Test Won?

With or without the added right-side size selector filter?

With left-side and added right-side size selector filter
omniconvert-version_a-with_filter-smClick here to enlarge
Without added right-side size selector filter, left-side filter only
omniconvert-version_b-sm-without_filterClick here to enlarge

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Difference Between Versions:

Version AProduct page with a left-side filter and a shoe size selector filter popping up on the right side of the page upon scroll
Version BExact same product page but without the right-side filter. Only a filter on the left-side of the page

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

Orders, revenue

Test Goal:

Determine if adding a shoe size selector widget increases shoe sales

Traffic Source:

All sources: visitors who hadn’t previously set-up any filters on the shoe site and weren’t included in any other experiments at the time


Shoe shoppers in Romania, primarily women


Modlet: Romanian footwear retailer

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