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Result: With or without the "As Featured In" logos?
With "As Featured In" logos



While the answer may not be that surprising, the psychology behind the study is interesting. Keep reading to learn more. . .

Test Details & Background:

Tinuiti, a progressive digital optimization agency, conducted this trustworthy test for their client Swapalease, an online vehicle leasing marketplace.

The testing team was inspired to evaluate the effectiveness of adding an "As Featured In" logos section after conducting market research that revealed not all users were familiar with the Swapalease brand or its leasing process.

In fact, a user poll revealed a high percentage of visitors felt distrustful about the leasing process, and uncertain about both transferring or taking over a lease through the site.

To encourage a greater sense of trust and brand credibility, the testing team turned to media mentions from the big guns, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The testing team’s goal was to determine if adding the "As Featured Logos" in the above-the-fold view, directly below the hero image section, would increase users' sense of trust and the site's brand credibility.

The thinking was this placement would be immediately noticed by users landing on the site, and even if the logos weren't directly taken in, they'd be subconsciously seen, providing site visitors with a sense of reassurance.

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Poll Results - The Best Guesses:

With or without the "As Featured In" logos?

  • A (79%, 383 Votes)
  • B (21%, 99 Votes)

Total Voters: 482


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Malcolm Espinosa
Malcolm Espinosa
1 month ago

No surprise here. Haven't seen too many cases where social proof, awards, testimonials ended up hurting. However, this test is too short to be a true winner.

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