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Result: With or without the padlock icon?
"Secure Checkout" with padlock icon



With the padlock icon locked in as the big winner.

While the answer may not be that surprising, the results certainly are! Read on to learn more. . .

Test Details:

Tillison Consulting, a UK-based digital marketing agency ran this insightful icon study for one of their eCommerce retail clients.

Background & Testing Goal:

Research confirms what most marketers already know: trust and credibility are cornerstones of conversions.

And the checkout page is a key place to establish trust. Even more so, the "checkout" Call To Action (CTA) button is a crucial conversion point.

It must contain the right wording, color, size, placement, and other trust elements to entice the user to click -- and convert.

Hoping to increase users' sense of trust on the checkout page, the testing team wondered if adding wording and imagery that conveyed security would help bolster checkout conversions.

The approach was simple: change the word "Checkout" to "Secure Checkout."

And, secondly, see if adding a padlock icon after the button copy would have any conversion impact.

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Poll Results - The Best Guesses:

With or without the padlock icon?

  • A (85%, 720 Votes)
  • B (15%, 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 852


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2 years ago

There are some great test ideas on here and I don't dispute the fact that an icon in this instance provided a visual clue, however, this is because a padlock is a recognised icon. The issues with icons arise when they are overused on a site and/or the icons aren't universally recognised or have been used to represent something other than their original purpose. For example, the cog icon to denote settings has been used on one site as both 'repairs' and 'customer support'. Icons need to be handled with care so they don't cause more problems than they solve.

Matthew LaBarre
Matthew LaBarre
1 year ago

The screenshot showing the results shows that A1B0 was the winner, but you never clarified which one that is. It seems like A1B0 is 'Secure Checkout' without the padlock, but that's not what the results say. Something doesn't seem right here

Matthew LaBarre
Matthew LaBarre
1 year ago
Reply to  Deborah

I can't deny that A1B0 was the winner, but I would like to know why the results analysis focuses heavily on the padlock icon when the modelled improvement from the version with only the padlock saw the worst results out of the three test versions. The analysis makes it seem that the icon was the deciding factor but it seems to me that the word "Secure" had the biggest impact

Last edited 1 year ago by Matthew LaBarre

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