Testing Self-Assessment Questionnaire



Testing Self-Assessment: Downloadable Questionnaire Form

Testing is best when done with a team.

It can be helpful to discuss your ideas, insights, and suggested next steps with others; they may be able to help bring fresh ideas, or have a viewpoint you haven’t yet considered.

Taking the time to reflect on testing ideas can help you focus and optimize your internal testing success.

GuessTheTest has created this short Self-assessment Questionnaire to help guide your testing efforts.

Click this downloadable/printable PDF questionnaire and use the template to help structure discussions within your own testing team, organization, or with your clients. The suggested best use of this template is in combination with each week’s Featured Test

If you haven’t already, you might want to set aside a meeting time, with your team, to go over the weekly Featured Test and use this template as launching point for your discussion.


Hope this questionnaire is helpful for you. Please share your thoughts and comments in the section below.