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A/B testing trust badges: how and where to use them for conversions

By: Deborah O'Malley, M.Sc. & Danny Gonzalez| Last updated September, 2021



The Facts
Consumer research shows, 92% of customers have concerns about the trust and security of the website they're shopping on.

The Good News
Adding trust elements to your site, like icons and badges, can be an easy, effective way to increase consumer trust, brand credibility, and conversions.

The Bad News
Add these elements at the wrong, or incorrect spot, in the funnel and you'll diminish user trust, jeopardizing conversions.

The Remedy
In this informative webinar, you'll get the top secrets of high-converting trust badges, based on real-life A/B test case study data.

Seeing trust badge test ideas you can immediately try and apply, you'll learn:

  • The surprising places in the funnel where trust badges convert best
  • The unusual trust format that consistently converts
  • Facts that will change the way you think about trust badges on desktop and mobile

About The Speakers
This data-driven webinar session is presented by GuessTheTest, the go-to A/B test case study resource. It is presented in partnership with TrustedSite, the top-rated trust badge and web security site.

Since 2019, TrustedSite has run dozens of trust badge A/B tests achieving an overall win rate of 73%. Customers using TrustedSite can expect a 3-30% lift in conversions.

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