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Really enjoy the weekly challenge!

I really enjoy my weekly Guess The Test challenge! The process of guessing is both engaging and educational as it forces me to consider each test’s objectives and variables. The best part is the detailed Analysis, provided with Actionable Takeaways that drive home the lessons learned in the test. Keep those tests coming!

Great Resource!

GuessTheTest is a great resource. Thanks so much for providing excellent insight into CRO and A/B testing.

Educational and Fun!

These are great! I look forward to seeing the Featured Test each week! I always learn a lot — and they’re fun!

Learning a lot!

I’m excited to receive weekly newsletters about A/B tests 🙂 I’m learning a lot and am looking forward to implementing some of the things I learn from Guess the Test into our new site.

Mariya Faryna


I love! It’s great.


I LOVE what you’ve done with Guess the Test. It makes learning fun – sounds corny, but it’s true. I love taking the tests. And I love the explanation of WHY things work the way they do. You’ve discovered a tremendous way to make this incredibly entertaining.

Robin Jay


This is great!

Patrick Villemaire