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GuesstheTest is an incredible resource to help leap frog the learning curve of conversion optimization. Before you dive into an A/B test or updating elements on your website, take a peak at the 100's of real-world data test results - and a take a guess. The results may surprise you.

Allan Kerr Avatar
Allan Kerr

The more I guess winners of each experiment, the more I know there is a lot to learn from GuessTheTest. It is where I go to find brand-new CRO ideas and tests that are proven to work. The site is awesome for anyone concerned not only about CRO but also UX. The description below each test gives a gives an insightful view of why this experiment won, the learnings out of it, and how to replicate it on your sites.

Farouk Elmoursi Avatar
Farouk Elmoursi

For me, GuessTheTest is a regular reminder not to trust my gut instinct - and this is a lot cheaper than learning that the hard way!It's also my go-to source for A/B testing case studies, which means I can show clients the value of data-driven marketing using the most relevant examples.

Stephen Courtney Avatar
Stephen Courtney

I've been a subscriber of GuessTheTest for some time now. I enjoy their weekly experiment deep dives where you have to think about which variation won. Often the answer surprises you. The write-up for each experiment is quite detailed and helps you to apply the same type of thinking to your own optimisations.

Joshua Barnard Avatar
Joshua Barnard

I have been using GuessTheTest for several years now and it's one of the best platforms to access and engage with the resources around A/B testing and understanding the psychology behind driving conversions on websites and apps. The depth of the content is extremely valuable. It brings together thousands of $$ worth of research at our finger-tips. And the gamified way to answering and engaging with content is very exciting! I would definitely recommend following this platform on a regular basis.

Sachin Uppal Avatar
Sachin Uppal

This is a website for a/b testing and optimization. It leads the industry for best practices and ideas for improving websites. It is the top source for website optimization. I highly recommend this site!

Wendy Melemed Avatar
Wendy Melemed

Great information source about A/B testing on real examples with all the analysis. Really happy that i found it. Recommended!

Tatiana Maibarada Avatar
Tatiana Maibarada

GuessTheTest is a great resource. Thanks so much for providing excellent insight into CRO and A/B testing.Highly recommend

Mary M Avatar
Mary M
8/08/2020 is a great resource for A/B testing and site optimization. I love the bi-weeky tests and the information it provides. Learned a lot! Keep up the great work! :)

Guido Avatar
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