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Industry Verticals

Testing Topics

Conversion Goal

Element Tested


WITH $10 off

WITHOUT $10 off

With Euro sign

Without Euro sign

With top "Checkout Now" CTA

Without top "Checkout Now" CTA

With "Get It By" Notification

Without "Get It By" Notificaiton

Static Page

Interactive Page

"Options and Order" button

"View the options" button

"Order" button

"Go to checkout" button

Upsell offer placed directly above "buy now" button

Upsell formatted as a pop-up

Hero image: brunette model with hair extensions

Hero image: blonde model before and after hair extensions

Without "Add to Cart" buttons

With "Add to Cart" buttons

"Book Appointment" button

"Book" button with appointment times

Purple CTA button placed below price

Purple CTA button placed above price

Signup pop-up showing multiple sneakers

Signup box showcasing one pair of sneakers

With "Limited Time Offer" Seal

Without "Limited Time Offer" Seal

Cheapest option (50Mb) shown first

Cheapest option (50Mb) shown last