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Conversion Goal

Element Tested


Free shipping on orders over $99

Free shipping on orders over $199

Free Shipping Offer

No Free Shipping Offer

Horizontal layout

Vertical layout

Checklist format

Feature box format

With chat pop-up

Without chat pop-up

With "Live Chat" button in top header

Without "Live Chat" button in top header, just phone number

More detailed benefits

Targeted by age

2 out of 3 individuals

66% of individuals

Main product image featuring just a woman

Main product image featuring a woman and a man

Gender segmented email offer

Standard email offer - not segmented by gender

With quick selector

Without quick selector

With "quick shop" tip box

Without "quick pick" tip box

With top callout bar in nav menu

Without top callout bar in nav menu

Horizontally formatted

Vertically formatted

Product info formatted in boxes

Product info formatted in rows

8 a.m.

6 p.m.

Longer landing page copy

Shorter landing page copy

With "add to cart" buttons

Without "add to cart" buttons

Shorter form, with discount offer

Longer form, without discount offer