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Do Sliders Sabotage Sales? The Answer Isn’t So Simple

By: Deborah O’Malley| Last updated October, 2021

Do Sliders Sabotage Sales? 

The answer isn’t so simple. . .

In this article, you’ll see several historic A/B test case studies examples that support the notion sliders don’t convert. And, you’ll find out the one exception to the rule.

Image Sliders

As we dawn into a new decade, there’s utility in examining CRO design trends that have persisted over the years.

With 2020 hindsight (pun intended) we can see what works well, and won’t doesn’t in CRO strategy.

One design element that has stood the test of time is the image slider.

Sliders, also called image carousels, or rotating offers, are web elements where the pictures displayed automatically rotate through a series of images on the web page.

This popular women’s clothing retailer, Sammy Dress, shows an example of a slider:

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