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Google Tag Manager (GTM) - The Impact on Page Load Speed

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool that can help you build your analytics capabilities and better manage your A/B tests.However, depending on your set-up, using GTM can either positively or negatively impact your site’s page load speed, and the load speed of your A/B test variants.

Page load speed is crucial; as you probably already know, the faster a website loads, the better – both from an SEO and CRO standpoint.

In this short, informative video tutorial, Todd Gamber of the esteemed analytics consulting agency, Confidence Interval, explains exactly how and why GTM impacts page load speed.

Check out this six-minute sound bite to learn:

    • How using GTM impacts site load time
    • How web pages load – both without and with GTM installed
    • What “lazy loading” is and why it can be beneficial
    • The pro’s and con’s of installing GTM to optimize page load speed

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