Setting Up Social Cards: Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Social cards are probably one of the most important — and frustrating — elements to perfect in order to get your content to convert on social media.

In this complete, step-by-step video guide, you’ll get the EXACT process you can follow to create beautiful, high-converting social cards that grab attention and bring positive attention to your content.

In this in-depth video guide, you’ll learn:

  • What social cards are and why they’re important
  • Examples of social cards gone wrong — and why a poor social card can be a conversion killer
  • Platforms that promise social card success — but haven’t actually worked that well
  • The exact step-by-step process I’ve finally discovered — after months of unsuccessful attempts — to create beautiful, high-converting social cards
  • The rules of thumb for social sharing and creating great content that gets noticed and prompts engagement

Get the important social card secrets!