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Can You Guess Which Test Won?

Does segmentation really work? Or, does it backfire?

Generic page; not segmented by user's industry vertical
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Dynamically changing page; segmented by user's industry vertical
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Difference Between Versions:

Version A – Generic homepage and landing page image, copy, and CTA. Targeted for the general cloud computing sector Version B – Dynamically changing homepage and landing page image, copy, and CTA. Segmented by industry vertical; this version was targeted to visitors within the banking sector

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

Clickthrough Rate (CTR) and Download Rate

Test Goal:

Increase CTR to the landing page, and increase product downloads

Traffic Source:

Direct and organic traffic


Visitors to the German homepage; visitors were from the banking, retail, higher education, automotive, or consumer goods industries


SAP Germany: The German division of the global technology solutions provider

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