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Socks or swatches: which image format won?

Did the 3D product image or video outperform?

Interactive 3D product image view
rich_page-version_a-3d_product_view-lgClick here to enlarge
Video view of product
rich_page-version_b-view_product_view-lgClick here to enlarge

Finances or features: which format won?

Which headline won: simple or instructive?

Simple headline: Internet
vodafone-version_a-internet-smClick here to enlarge
Instructive headline: Choose your desired internet speed (in Dutch)
vodafone-version_b-choose_your_desired_internet_speed-smClick here to enlarge

Which email subject line increased open rates?

Extra minutes to call home on Ramadan!
telephone_pakistan-extra_minutes_to_call_home_on_ramadan-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Your Ramadan Bonus is here?
telephone_pakistan-your_ramadan_bonus_is_here-version_b-smClick here to enlarge
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