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Which nav bar copy won: "Save 50%" or "VIP Express"?

"VIP Express"
antons_cleaning-vip_express-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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Does tailoring content to a local audience impact conversions?

Without tailored content
autodesk-not_tailored-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
With tailored content
autodesk-tailored_content-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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Which filter order won? "Best Result" placed first or last?

Filter items with "Best Result" listed first
dell-version_a-sm-best_resultsClick here to enlarge
Filter items with "Best Result" listed last
dell-version_b-price_low_to_highClick here to enlarge

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With or without the added right-side size selector filter?

With left-side and added right-side size selector filter
omniconvert-version_a-with_filter-smClick here to enlarge
Without added right-side size selector filter, left-side filter only
omniconvert-version_b-sm-without_filterClick here to enlarge

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With or without the customer reviews?

With customers reviews in bottom blue bar
ing_version_a-with_testimonials-smClick here to enlarge
Without customer reviews in bottom blue bar; help support instead
ing_version_b-with_help_number-smClick here to enlarge

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