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A/B Test Planning & Prioritization

By: Deborah O'Malley & Shawn David | Last updated April, 2022


In A/B testing, planning and prioritizing which tests to run first is a process marred in mystery.

It's seems there's no great system for organizing ideas and turning them into executable action items.

Keeping track of which tests you've run, plan to run, or are currently running is an even bigger challenge.

That is until now.

In this short 12-minute interview, you'll hear from Shawn David, Operations Engineer, of CXL's sister site, Speero, a leading A/B testing firm.

He shares the secrets on how Speero tracks, manages, plans, and prioritizes their A/B tests.

Check out the video to:

  • Get an inside view into Speero's planning and prioritization methodology, based on the CXL framework known as PXL.
  • Watch a demo of Speero's custom-made test planning and prioritization tool in action, and apply the insights to optimize your own planning and prioritization process.
  • See how this tool, built through Airtable, can be customized and used to develop or enhance your own test planning and prioritization model.

Hope you’ve found this content useful and informative. Please share your thoughts and comments in the section below. 

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Shawn David
2 years ago

We'll have to follow this up when our new datalake is built 🙂 Even cooler stuff! Great talking with you and I look forward to chatting again!!!

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