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Which converts better: a tab or integrated map view?

With or without the member exclusive offer?

With "Member Exclusive Offer" banner
sabon-with_member_exclusive_offer-smClick here to enlarge
Without "Member Exclusive Offer" banner
sabon-without_member_exclusive_offer-smClick here to enlarge

With or without the "As Featured In" logos?

With "As Featured In" logos
swapalease-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Without "As Featured In" section
swapalease-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

With Or Without "Limited Time Offer" Seal?

With "Limited Time Offer" Seal
Click here to enlarge
Without "Limited Time Offer" Seal
Click here to enlarge

With or without the added banner on mobile?

With added blue "Make a worry-free reservation" banner
extraspace_storage-version_a-sm-with_reassuranceClick here to enlarge
Without added blue banner
Click here to enlarge
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