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When's the highest converting time to send an email?

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Which landing page format won in December, but lost in January?

Longer landing page copy
manchester-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Shorter landing page copy
manchester-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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With or without the add to cart buttons on mobile?

With "add to cart" buttons
with_button-smClick here to enlarge
Without "add to cart" buttons
version_b-without_price-Click here to enlarge

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Which Form Won? With Or With The Discount Offer?

Shorter form, with discount offer
reap-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Longer form, without discount offer
reap_version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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Which Facebook Ad Generated More Leads?

Halloween-themed Facebook ad
version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Non Halloween-themed Facebook ad
version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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