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Price testing is so much more than just testing price

Messing around with pricing is an experiment done on dangerous ground. Ethnically and technically, it can get very muddied quickly.

But, there are many ways to cleanly and accurately A/B test pricing -- without changing the price itself. 

It all comes down to pricing presentation

How you present value, the price tag, plus when, where, and they way you display your product prices can truly make or break sales.

Big-name brands who have done it before prove, A/B testing pricing presentation is a valuable way to optimize profits. 

But. For most of us, it's hard to know exactly what to test or where to start. 

In this jam-packed 79-page guide, you'll get the proven pricing presentation strategies many big-name brand companies have used to  lift revenue and conversions.

With A/B test case study examples and real-life results, this guide reveals the top pricing presentation strategies to best test. 

Simplify your marketing efforts. Let this guide guide you.

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What You'll Get in this Guide

If you've been looking for powerful pricing strategies that will help you immediately increase conversions and boost sales, look no further.

The Essential Guide To High-Converting Pricing Strategies tells all.

It uncovers the most advanced pricing psychology research, distilled down into easy-to-understand, immediately applicable pricing principles and strategies.

Incorporating real-life A/B test case studies, from big-name brands, this guide gives you many money-making testing ideas and takeaways, helping you understand what works -- and doesn't -- with product pricing. 

You'll learn how to:
Price your products strategically so they sell
Display your product prices so customers are primed to buy
Position your products and pricing tables to optimize conversions
This guide gives you the exact pricing strategies you need to implement, with specific test ideas, to make more money and sell more products.

As a special bonus, you'll also receive a Quick Reference  Summary that boils down the most pertinent pricing psychology research into applied, actionable steps. 

Additionally, you'll get a helpful Pricing Checklist to help you assess, validate, and inform your future winning pricing A/B tests.

Ready to uncover powerful pricing psychology principles that will help boost your sales?  
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Get Individual Articles

The Essential Guide To High-Converting Pricing Strategies contains three in-depth pricing psychology articles that explain how to apply pricing principles to optimize your product sales.

You can preview and purchase any individual article to learn:

What Works With Pricing?

When Should You Display Your Product Prices?

The Perfect Pricing Plan Formula

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Get Individual Case Studies

The Essential Guide To High-Converting Pricing Strategies  features five A/B test case studies from big-name brands.

All case studies outline the testing process, show the real-life results, and offer tangible takeaways that you can apply to immediately optimize your pricing tests and product pages. 

Want access to a specific testing topic? Purchase an individual A/B test case study to learn:

Should you include or leave off the currency symbol?

Do buttons with or without the dollar sign convert best?

Should your price tag include or leave off the zeros?

Should you put the cheapest option first or last?

Do numbers or percentage convert best?

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The Complete Guide – BEST DEAL!

Get complete access to the entire pricing psychology package. 

It Includes three comprehensive articles on pricing plans that convert, and five real-life A/B test case studies from big-name brands, showing what works and doesn’t with pricing plans.

As a special bonus, you'll also get a Quick Reference Summary that boils down the most pertinent pricing psychology research into applied, actionable steps, and a  Pricing Checklist to inform, and fuel your future winning pricing A/B tests.

The Complete Guide

Pro Members can access this content for free. Simply click the "Download Now" button and enjoy.

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About the Author:

Deborah O’Malley, M.Sc.

Deborah O’Malley, M.Sc., is a skilled optimization consultant, specialized in eCommerce and the financial industry.
For much of her early career, she focussed on the U.S. stock market, developing informative articles on eCommerce and online buying behavior.
Applying a unique combination of technical and fundamental financial research to analyze stocks and chart patterns, she’s achieved a strong portfolio of winning picks.  

Turning her research and analytical skills to understanding consumer behavior, she earned a master’s of science degree, focussed in eye tracking technology. Her master’s work applied the behavioral economic theory of message framing to determine what ad messaging works best. 

Fascinated by what users pay attention to, and what motivates them to convert, she’s spent many years researching and conducting data-driven analysis on consumer motivation. 

Honing in on the fascinating areas of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B testing, Deborah has researched, analyzed, written, and run hundreds of client A/B tests. 

She’s also founded the go-to resource for A/B test case studies and CRO articles, GuessTheTest

Through her client-side consulting company, ConvertExperts, Deborah puts theory into practice, conducting data-driven analyses to optimize client websites and improve performance. 

Deborah created this powerful persuasive pricing psychology guide – which synthesizes much of her research and knowledge on pricing principles – to help you optimize your pricing plans and pages, improving sales to make more money.

She hopes this guide will help you turn common “cents” into dollars.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Boost Profits With Pricing Strategies That Convert

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