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With or without the quick selector option?

With quick selector
with-de_nieuwe_zaak-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Without quick selector
without-de_nieuwe_zaak-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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With or without the quick shop tip box?

With "quick shop" tip box
quick-tip-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Without "quick pick" tip box
quick-tip-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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With or without the top callout section in the nav menu?

With top callout bar in nav menu
inflow-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Without top callout bar in nav menu
inflow-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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Which nav bar format works best across device types?

Persistent nav bar
mcclatchy-version_a-persistent-smClick here to enlarge
Partially persistent nav bar
version_b-not_persistent-smClick here to enlarge

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Boxes or rows? Which format converted better?

Product info formatted in boxes
rs_components-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
Product info formatted in rows
rs_components_version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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