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Which personalized email subject line won on mobile?

Finish {Pet's Name} Insurance Quote
sainsbury_version_a-pet_in_preveiw-smClick here to enlarge
Don't miss 12 months for 9 on {Pet's Name} Insurance
sainsbury_version_b-pet_not_in_preveiw-smClick here to enlarge

With or without the personalized text?

Personalized email, preview text
Click here to enlarge
Generic email message, preview text
wwf-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

Which format increased internet orders?

Do fancy or descriptive text titles work best?

Without or with the detailed description?

Without detailed description
controlled_chaos-without_detailed_descrption-version_a-lgClick here to enlarge
With detailed description
controlled_chaos-with_detailed_description_version_b-lgClick here to enlarge
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