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With or without the USP in the top header?

With USP section in top header
omoda-version_a-with_usp-smClick here to enlarge
Without USP section
omoda-version_b-without_usp-smClick here to enlarge

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Time or money? Which offer converts better?

CTA button copy: 241 extra minutes
phone_india-version_a-smClick here to enlarge
CTA button copy: $3 bonus
phone_india-version_b-smClick here to enlarge

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Which button copy increased clickthrough rate conversions?

"Order now" button text
version_a-vodafone-order_now-smClick here to enlarge
"Next step/Next" button text
version_b-vodafone-next-next_step-smClick here to enlarge

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Which product page converted best for cellular and WiFi traffic?

Detailed mobile product page
dela-version_a-sm-more_detailed_product_pageClick here to enlarge
Less detailed mobile product page
dela-version_b-sm-less_detailed_product_pageClick here to enlarge

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Which format improved page load times and conversions?

Expanded vertical layout
hsbc-page_loading_speed-version_a-expanded_vertical_layout-smClick here to enlarge
Condensed horizontal layout
hsbc-page_loading_speed-version_b-condensed_horizontal_layout-smClick here to enlarge

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